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LAB 1:Console Login

LAB 2:Telnetting to a Remote Router                             

LAB 3:Router Configuration                                          

LAB 4:Copy to NVRAM                                                 

LAB 5:Copy to TFTP Server                                           

LAB 6:Copy from the TFTP Server                                   

LAB 7:Limiting VTY Access                                             

LAB 8:Password Recovery                                               

LAB 9:Loading the 2600 IOS                                           

LAB 10:Navigating the IOS                                             

LAB 11:Clearing The Backup Configuration

LAB 12:Initial Router Configuration

LAB 13:Saving The Backup Configuration

LAB 14:Initial Switch Configuration

LAB 15:Configuring a Distribution Switch

LAB 16:Creating Standard Access Lists

LAB 17:Examine a Router

LAB 18:RIP Routing

LAB 19:IGRP Routing

LAB 20:IPX Router Config

LAB 21:IPX SAP Filtering

LAB 22:IPX Access List Security

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Following are CCNA Labs designed for you using  ccna virtual lab simulator, practice again and again to pass ccna certification exam.
Walking through the door of the Cisco CCNA Exam test center… 100% confident you’re about to pass (and easily) any CCNA simulations they throw at you…”
Many certified Cisco CCNA Exam takers will agree that the toughest challenge on the exam is the actual simulation labs themselves. What if there was a lab guide out there to go over every lab topic you needed to know in order to ace the CCNA Exam?
Have you noticed that most Cisco CCNA lab books are “How To’s ” rather than actual scenarios that test your knowledge?
One of the most time consuming tasks during your CCNA studies will be trying to find and create decent Cisco CCNA labs. There’s more…the worst part about it is not knowing if the CCNA labs that you’re creating are going to be “good enough” to prepare you for every hands on topic that will no doubt be presented on the CCNA Exam.
Azires Systems created many CCNA labs to prepare for my Cisco CCNA Exam designed to solve all of the issues mentioned above. We documented and saved the very best labs that helped our students past my CCNA Exam on the first try!
We wanted to make sure that you can skip the painful process that students had to go through of coming up with your own CCNA lab scenarios. You can now have access to these lab challenges immediately that’s based on common real world Cisco networking.
Our CCNA Lab Simulations Includes fully eatured CCNA Labs Based on Real World Scenario that are Helpful for Both the Exam and the Real World.

Azires Systems

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